The Clean Environment is a Mongolian grass-roots NGO (Non-Governmental Organization) dedicated to the reforestation of Mongolia and the preservation of traditional Mongolian nomadic culture.  We offer a chance for individuals (like you) to travel to Mongolia and participate in tree planting and / or experience authentic culture by volunteering with ethnic Mongolian nomadic families.  We are not a travel agency or tour company, we are fully a Mongolian -owned and -operated NGO with a genuine interest in helping people and the environment.  This is a great opportunity to experience Mongolia in a very authentic cultural setting while ensuring that 100% of your contributions and efforts are going toward helping a great cause. 

We are accepting applications for Fall 2015 for the Tree Planting Project.  
Please contact us with any questions.  We can help plan your trip and give you an idea of costs depending on your individual budget and schedule.